Threats and Intimidation – a little proof…

Oct 13, 2007 Published under Middle East, OneVoice Movement

I just came upon a posting from "Another Voice" again slandering the good work of the OneVoice Movement.

Among their allegations is that we invented the threats and intimidation that all Palestinian artists and staff were facing from these absolutists without any real plan other than to complain, attack and attack.

Several Palestinian dignitaries on our Board had to call each of the artists to not be intimidated.  In the end we had all back on board except DAM.  We even had a list of a dozen additional Palestinian groups willing to perform.  But in face of continued threats and lack of a guaranteed plan to provide security to our local and international guests, OneVoice Palestine was pained to reach the decision to postpone the Jericho event, and OneVoice International of course empathized with their decision.

Do not be fooled by false bravado.  Ask "Another Voice" if they support a concrete plan for ending the conflict that can really survive.  Ask them if they support a two-state solution.  Ask their founder, who wrote articles attacking even Yasser Arafat’s peace efforts, and who has been consistently against EVERY effort at achieving a historic compromise to enable the Palestinian and Israeli people to both live with peace and dignity, what is his plan.

And talk to the artists, behind the scenes when not being intimidated, and ask them if they were not being called incessantly by people intimidating them not to perform.

Ilham Madfai has courageously gone on record on BBC against the boycotters for their abusive intimidation.

The Palestinian staff of OneVoice staff are among the most decent dedicated courageous leaders I have ever come across – the highest caliber human beings anyone can every find.  And they are all fiery nationalists but who also have a brain and understand that if we want to end this conflict we need to recognize the right of two peoples.  This is the same case with the Israeli staff of OneVoice and what their motivations are.

To make peace and end the occupation and the violence you need a partner on the other side.  Who would be "Another Voice’s" partner?  Or do they pretend to think their false bravado will just obliterate the other side?

"Another Voice" HURT THE PALESTINIAN CAUSE by preventing hundreds of thousands of Palestinians to show their case to the world, by preventing the people across the world to see a partner for peace, by preventing international celebrities who were eager to come to be able to get there!

It is so disgusting that this group now tries to wash its hands off their monstrous aggressive intimidation and threats.

They are dumb enough to even discuss some of their threats out openly on the web.  Here is just one posting out openly on one of their discussion group threads, courtesy of one of their former supporters who just wrote to me alarmed at the realization that these people are not advancing the cause of peace or justice for anyone:

Posted on the “Anti-OneVoice” page on, by "Another Voice.":


Ahmad Jaradat (Palestine) wrote
at 11:34am on October 9th, 2007

its good to have such a group but we need for more actions… like for example using RBJ to destroy their offices…



Diana Alzeer (Palestine) wrote
at 4:50am yesterday

people also join the group another voice


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