Islamism is Not Islam

Aug 30, 2010 Published under New York City, OneVoice Movement, Religion, United States

by Adeena Schlussel on behalf of Daniel Lubetzky

The furor over the inaccurately dubbed "Ground Zero Mosque" has done nothing but reinforce al Qaeda propaganda. This, Nawaz says, is because many commentators confuse traditionalist Muslims with Islamists. But Islamism is not Islam. Islam is a faith, which, like all other faiths, has a spectrum of progressives and conservatives fighting over interpretation. Islamism, on the other hand, seeks to impose an interpretation over everyone else through state law. Throughout history Muslims have rejected the (al Qaeda) agenda of enforcing one view of Islam over all society. Nawaz concludes that it is time to challenge misleading and divisive views that see Muslims pitted against non-Muslims.  Read an excerpt of the article below.

Islamism Is Not Islam
By Maajid Nawaz
Wall Street Journal, 8/29/2010

If Islamism came to conquer New York and built an emperor’s palace at Ground Zero, I would be worried. But Islamism is not Islam.

Islam is a faith. Like all other faiths it has a vibrant array of progressives, conservatives and everything in between fighting over which interpretation suits current times. In this regard, Islam is nothing exceptional.

Islamism, on the other hand, is the desire to impose any one of these interpretations over everyone else through state law.

Many commentators confuse traditionalist Muslims with Islamists. Like the Amish, Muslim traditionalists usually have few political ambitions. Their real cause is …

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  1. Sobhikaa said:

    , praying ivnloves thinking. You cannot pray without thinking. I understand your contempt for religion. It doesn’t make sense to you, you see it as illogical, and you want it eradicated (I presume from your post). Yet, no one should be able to tell you what to think and believe only what is correct and incorrect. That is why I support the secular schools. Mandating secular schools will (hopefully) increase the amount of accurate learning that goes on in Tajikistan. Yet, it is most definitely an infringement on your rights for the government to attempt to control what you think and where you do it. If the Tajikistan government said there was to be no thinking about rainbows in public parks, I would be saying the same thing. Who are you to suggest that a child cannot contemplate such ideas.I was an average child and I contemplated the existence of God long before my 19th birthday. I remember asking inquiring questions to my parents before I was 10 years old. As a young teenager I voluntarily went to youth group and bible study and was asking thought provoking questions (at least, I thought they were). So, to simply band all youth into a the category if ignorant is silly. Children aren’t born racist bigots, they learn it whether through friends, family, tv, internet, etc.. Very young children don’t see race, religion, or gender the way adults do. Yet, it is not the government’s job or responsibility to tell people how to raise their children. At least, that is not the country I want to live in. So, while some parents are certainly better than others, it is not something we can control. All we can do is try to educate kids again, this is why I support the secular schools; but not the anti-prayer law.As for imaginary friends, schizophrenia, and imaginary gods I agree with you. I would even quote Donald Symons’ position on multi-culturalism: If only one person in the world held down a terrified, struggling, screaming little girl, cut off her genitals with a septic blade, and sewed her back up, leaving only a tiny hole for urine and menstrual flow, the only question would be how severely that person should be punished But when millions of people do this, instead of the enormity being magnified millions-fold, suddenly it becomes culture , and thereby magically becomes less, rather than more, horrible So, I definitely hold a similar position to you on this aspect. This reply is already too long sorry about that.

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