Hopeful indications that Palestinians want peace

Samer Makhlouf, director of OneVoice Palestine just shared a very hopeful bit of information with me, in the form of a survey.  The survey, found on Maan Network asked the following:

The Palestinian society is capable of changing the Israeli political map through:

1. explaining the suffering under occupation to Israelis

2. non-violent resistance

3. intensifying meetings of Palestinians figures with Israeli media

Two good indicators here are that Palestinians acknowledge the importance of addressing Israeli society, and that more than 80% believe in non-violence as a mean to end the conflict.

Spotted by Daniel Lubetzky, redacted by Adeena Schlussel

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  1. Dave said:

    I’m Lebanese.I have no pebrlom with Israel or Israelis. My only pebrlom is with the government. I wish I could say that I don’t care about politics but after meeting so many people whose homes were demolished in front of their eyes by bulldozers, whose family members and friends were slaughtered in the hundreds, who are being detained for years and years without charged, who can barely move within their own country because of the check points and who have had to live in terror of Israel attacking all their lives, I simply cannot ignore them. They know that where power and money is involved, no amount of international law, which Israel repeatedly violates on a daily basis, can save them.I would not have ignored South African Apartheid were I old enough to experience it (I’m 21). I would not have ignored Nazi, or British India, or British America or Fascist Italy, or Fascist Spain etc. and I cannot ignore Israel. It would be unfair and immoral of me to simply ignore those being slaughtered and those suffering from an on-going eradication and simply say let’s love each other everything will be fine.I have no hatred towards Israelis and, contrary to popular, beliefs, I’ve rarely met any Anti-Semite from Lebanon. Let me remind you that Lebanese and all Arabs are Semites themselves. We are all Semites. I have met many Islamophobes within Lebanon (fundamentalist Christians). The Anti-semites that people think Lebanon has are actually Anti-Zionists. And how can you blame them? We’ve all met at least one Palestinian refugee.Palestinians are told over and over again that they are the pebrlom. That there pathetic rockets and sticks and stones are the ones causing the conflict. Not Israel’s tanks, missiles, nuclear and chemical weapons and their countless ammunition. No, sticks and stones.Most Palestinians I’ve met are filled with so much despair in a world where some of the most powerful nations view them as pests, rather than human being.I repeat. I have no pebrlom with Israel. I’ve love to visit Tel Aviv someday but to say that somehow the pebrlom we have is simply because not enough people love is very naive. Israel’s government has to stop treating Palestinians like Pests, enclosing them in an open-air prison.

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