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Published under Introspection Nov 22, 2019

Today I want to remember an extraordinary individual who recently passed away who played a pivotal role in my life, Frances “Sissy” Geballe. If it had not been for Sissy, my life’s journey would have been quite different. While I was deciding between careers in law or consulting after finishing law school, Sissy awarded me [...]

Sadly all of us human beings have a dangerous propensity to reject data that is inconsistent with our beliefs, even if it were to help us expand our horizons or have better foundations for knowledge.  This study showed how White Nationalists found ways to lie to themselves when they found their DNA tests showed their [...]

Published under Introspection Aug 12, 2019

This weekend, a friend told me he met a family who was helping out a woman to “see the beach one last time”. The story  highlighted how every day we have the power to make peoples’ lives better off in untold and unmeasurable ways, at times not realizing the positive impact we may be having. [...]

By Michael J. Koplow   David Frum wrote a thought-provoking and challenging piece in the Atlantic last week titled “What If They’re Not Coming for the Jews This Time?” in which he grapples with the paradox of President Trump’s targeting of nearly all minority groups save the Jews. Frum notes that the Trump White House [...]

Personalized Nutrition?

Published under Introspection Jul 29, 2019

  I have been reading a lot lately about the promise of “personalized nutrition.” I reached out to Dr. David Katz to get more perspective, as he tends to always be thoughtful, informed and eschewing hype or fads.  He pointed me to this very good article he wrote on the topic – which I strongly [...]

Amazing range from this guy

Published under Introspection Jul 23, 2019

Dimas Kudaıbergen is a Kazakh singer known for his wide vocal range of 6 octaves from the bottom of the bass range beyond the top of the soprano range. Listen here  

Published under Introspection Jul 16, 2019

What a simple and beautiful and heartwarming story. Worth reading.

Yedioth Ahronoth– June 25, 2019 Making a Mockery of All of Us By Limor Livnat, former minister, Likud Party Way up on high, on a planet of his own, lives a cynical, alienated leader whose remarks, speeches and fervently-made promises have no bearing at all on what he actually does in practice—in the dark, behind [...]

It was an honor for me and KIND to support Dr. Katz and the scientific and nutrition community leaders at the True Health Initiative in the launch of a campaign they are driving to improve policies and education on how we see protein. Under today’s regulations, plant based proteins are viewed less favorably than protein from [...]