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Published under United States Feb 22, 2019

It was an honor to welcome Nikki Haley to our KIND HQ. Thank you for your leadership.


Published under United States Nov 06, 2018

As a Mexican immigrant, and as the son of a Holocaust survivor who was liberated by American soldiers, I have a deep appreciation for our democratic process. I do not take this right for granted.  

Time to Vote

Published under United States Sep 24, 2018

he U.S. has one of the lowest voter turnout rates in the developed world, and one of the most common reasons that people give for not voting is an inflexible work schedule. This Election Day, KIND Snacks is proud to participate in the #TimetoVote campaign. On November 6, no meetings or conference calls will be held at KIND after [...]

Time to Vote

Published under United States Sep 23, 2018

Proud to partner with these formidable companies to ensure that our teams have Time to Vote.

Shana Tova

Published under Religion Sep 17, 2018

“Being decent is not necessarily easy. It takes strength and courage. It is not just about being nice. It means doing things that make you and your interests vulnerable.” Excellent Rosh Hashana sermon by Rabbi Elliot Cosgrove.

The Bordeaux Kitchen

Published under Global, Interesting Random Stuff, Life Aug 11, 2018

I received a copy of The Bordeaux Kitchen: An Immersion into French Food and Wine, written by my friend Tania Teschke, and I’m excited to dig in. Flipping through the pages transports you to France, and the recipes look delicious!  

‘Spiderman’ granted French citizenship after rescuing child from Paris balcony Video of the rescue showed 22-year-old Mamoudou Gassama climbing up four floors of the apartment building in just seconds to rescue the child, to cheers from onlookers. By the time Parisian emergency services arrived at the building, he had already pulled the child to safety.

Here’s a story from The New York Times that I thought you’d find interesting. Gazans and Israel could have made peace before. Now, demographic and ecosystem issues add urgency. By Thomas L. Friedman Princess Diana once famously observed that there were three people in her marriage, “so it was a bit crowded.” The same is [...]

BY DAHLIA SCHEINDLIN The more Israel’s prime minister escalates tensions, the more his popularity grows. In 2015, Benjamin Netanyahu was elected to a fourth term as prime minister of Israel. Within months, pundits began speculating when his government would fall. So far, the answer has been never. Netanyahu has faced trouble, including ministerial resignations and [...]

By Leonard Mlodinow Ten years ago, when my son Nicolai was 11, his doctor wanted to put him on medication for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. “It would make him less wild,” I explained to my mother, who was then 85. “It would slow him down a bit.” My mother grumbled. “Look around you,” she said [...]