Muslim Chants, Spirituality and Terrorism

Aug 09, 2007 Published under Middle East, OneVoice Movement, Religion

It struck my mind as I heard a Muslim chant, Alahuh Akbhar, (God is Great) that it is truly beautiful artistically, yet I am pretty certain it evokes the worst images among much of the Western world, because of the association with terrorists that many have.  It struck me how much harm terrorism has caused to a religion that close to a billion people hold with deep spirituality and with true benevolence.  Some of my business partners that are the kindest, most pious and benevolent,  like Cliff Wachjo, are deeply devout Muslims, and it is a shame that their spiritual depth and co-existence-rich observance needs to be tainted by a fringe of radical monsters with a virulent, miserable version of Islam.  It behooves Muslims
even more than Westerners to fight terrorism and eradicate it and condemn it, not because they need to bear responsibility for the acts of others -
that would not be fair in any society - but because it is in their interest to fight terrorists so these pseudo-Islamic monsters won’t continue harming their religion.

The same is true, incidentally, with all other societies and peoples. Wherever a bad apple threatens the standing and reputation of a community or group, it behooves the group from where it emanates to isolate, neutralize and eradicate it, lest it contribute to a negative brand for that community.

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  1. Alma said:

    After more than 5 years of study I decided to embrace Islam as my religion, I have an MBA and I do understand your concerns. I have read Quran so many times so far since I do it daily and I know well there is no excuse for terrorist. I do understand well the politic and economical context of the current clash between “western” and islam and “islam”. I sincerely to go beyond what media says. You will be able to see whether this so called “muslims” are muslims for real or maybe just puppets of a very intelligent propaganda strategy. So u might like to start by finding out how propaganda works and how much oil is behind all this. U might even be able to see if Osama is a real muslim or not. Books on history, politics, moral and ethic will also help you to understand the wisdom behind sharia. I am not an scholar but I have studied a lot so far.

  2. Light Reading said:

    Salaam alaykum Sir,

    Maburuk on accepting Islam.

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