Statement I Sent to OneVoice Palestine

OneVoice Palestine is facing some complaints from extremist radical groups that question OneVoice’s commitment to Palestinian rights.  We of course are totally in sync with the will of the overwhelming majority of Israelis and Palestinians that are fed up with these very extremists, but for the record, I shared the following with them:

“Statement from Daniel Lubetzky, Founder of the PeaceWorks Foundation which supports the OneVoice Movement internationally, to OneVoice Palestine and the People of Palestine, on the occasion of the October 18th Peoples’ Summit”

OneVoice is a grassroots non-partisan popular movement; it is not a political party and does not have a political platform; it is a platform to amplify the voice of ordinary Palestinian and Israeli people who do not want their lives to be hijacked any longer by forces of militant absolutism on either side. 

The OneVoice Movement recognizes that the overwhelming majority of Palestinians and Israelis support a two-state-solution as the only way to end the conflict.

Ending the conflict through a two-state-solution is the ONLY real way to end the occupation that besieges the daily lives of the Palestinian people, just like it is the only way to achieve the security that Israelis crave.   A two-state-solution is the only way to bring freedom, dignity, respect, peace and security and a better future to the people of the region.

OneVoice empowers citizens to take action to propel and support their elected leaders to be accountable to the will of the people, to immediately return to the negotiating table and to not get up until the conclusion of a two state agreement.

Both the Israeli and Palestinian Heads of State (Prime Minister Olmert and President Abbas) were elected by their people on platforms to bring an end to the occupation and terror and to achieve a two-state-solution that will, once and for all, establish a vibrant Palestinian State in peace with all of its neighbors including Israel.  The OneVoice Movement, and I personally, are unwaveringly committed to attain this goal above all.

People that oppose a two-state-solution and are threatened by the fact that OneVoice is now giving a voice to the overwhelming majority of moderates on both sides may try unsuccessfully to undermine this movement.  But they cannot stop millions on both sides that are fed up with a tiny minority keeping all hostage because of their false bravado and empty rhetoric that ignores the only solution is a negotiated solution among both peoples.

What are the contours of a two state solution?  The answers are clearly outlined in the Clinton parameters, , same which Chairman Arafat endorsed in the Taba negotiations as he affirmed the path of the “peace of the braves.” 

The answers  are further enshrined in the OneVoice Pillars for Conflict Resolution,, CRAFTED WITH THE PARTICIPATION OF HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF PALESTINIAN AND ISRAELI PEOPLE, which confirm, among other things, that a two state solution can only be achieved by “two viable states, Israel the state of the Jewish people and Palestine the state of the Palestinian people, each recognizing the other as such, both democratic and respecting human rights, including minority rights,” that “1967 borders are the basis for an agreement, while border modifications will be used to accommodate the territorial and security needs of both sides,” that “Israel shall completely end the occupation, within the context of a comprehensive peace agreement and a cessation of all terror and violence on both sides, at which time all political prisoners will also be released,” that “Arab East Jerusalem will be under Palestinian sovereignty while Jewish areas will be under Israeli sovereignty, and each State shall have the right to establish its capital within its sovereign territory, recognized by the other and internationally” and that the refugee problem must be resolved in a humane, fair, just and practical manner in the final Status Agreement.” 

The above pillars represent the WILL OF CITIZENS OF THE GROUND and as such have unassailable moral authority.  They are not perfect and require further work, which elected leaders now need to immediately take on to fulfill the wish of the Palestinian AND Israeli people.

The OneVoice platform is consistent with (and advances) the Arab Peace Initiative, same which extremists on both sides oppose.

The OneVoice Movement recognizes that prosperity and security for both peoples will not be achieved without ending the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and reaching a just and agreed upon solution to all issues, including the plight of the refugees, an end to the occupation, an end to terror attacks, and an achievement of freedom and security for all peoples.

The time has come for citizens that support these principles to stand up and be counted, to not be intimidated or suppressed by False Messiahs with absolutist visions who have brought nothing but misery and violence to people on both sides.

Daniel Lubetzky

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