Barak Obama’s Israeli First Name

The rumors in the Jewish community about Barak Hussein Obama’s "Muslim" connection are embarassing, dumb, and wrong.  Every day I get email forwards with silly allegations and fear-mongering.  Very sad, not just because it is based on lies and ignorance, but also because it reflects deep prejudice and fear from a religion that has been unfairly tarnished by a minority of extremists who seek to hijack it.

But what nobody in the media has pointed out when they mention how much he has overcome and what testament to progress in America it is that someone whose last name rhymes with "Osama" Bin-Laden and whose middle name is the same as that of the late "Butcher of Baghad", Saddam Hussein, is that Barak has an Israeli first name.

Indeed, "Barak", which means "thunder" in Hebrew, is a common first name as well as a common last name.

So if people are going to make up stories, they might as well balance them out and talk about how he is the product of an Arab-Israeli love affair.

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  1. Independent Dem voting for McCain-Palin said:

    Barack Obama

    Objective reasons to vote againts OBAMA


    Socialist Communist Ties
    His father a member of the communist regim of Kenya
    He says he shares similiar views of his father

    Real Estate And Stock Market

    The CEO of Freddie MAC and Fannie Mae who lied on thge books to steal over 90,000,000
    In bonuses he hired on his campaign staff and received over 120,000 thousand in contributions the 2nd highest next to Christopher Dodd who chairs the committee that regulates freddie and fannie
    Who caused the sub prime loans which accounted for 85% of foreclosures and screwed the market up enough to cause the other 15 percent

    Accorn trying to steal the election people registering
    50-100 times in the same state and other states

    How can he lie about accorn
    He was so proud of being a community organizer

    How can he lie when he has represented them as a Lawyer
    To sue guess what to push sub-prime loans which. Caused this mess.

    Teorrist ties
    Ayers and his wife Dorne
    Ayers threw his first Fundraiser to launch his career in the Illinois State Senate

    The Al Quaeda guy I saw in an interview asiq or something like that who worked with OBAMA

    Ayers who is.a White Domestic Terrorist has been strategizing whitch members of AL-QUAEDA Hamaas and others groups coordinated with communist governments media in this countr and the world as well as the long communist ties Hollywood has had. To take the money from income earners not Wealthy People
    Remember the Entertainment tax exemption?

    Why does Chavez, Casto ILL Putin Bin Laded Communist socialist leaders and terrorist leaders All Supports
    Obama and now Hate McCain but praised his during the primaries this year Anyon with a half a brain knows that McCain is the Most Non Partisn
    Member of the Senate and most no Partisn Republican

    Is anyone paing attention to Russia invading our Allie Georgia or doing Navy Excercises in Venezuela and all the Pirate Attacks on ships?

    If Ayers is really reformed
    Why does he go to Venezuela to accept an Award. In Education

    Answer Because he uses his Education platform to Indoctrinate young American Minds to adoptLiberal Socialism communist Ideas in our Capilist society

    Has anyone seen obsessionthemovie the story of radical islam and war against the United States Israel and the West This movie is made by Muslims who disagree with terrorism and our Moderate which is the Minority of Muslims.

    The Movie said they are going to take the White house and turn it into the Black House

    Ayers and AlQuaeda and supporters know that Barack Obama is the perfect plant to get into our our white house and with his Muslim Name they can Rally the radical terrorist behind Obama to take everything from every American
    Christian JEW HINDU Budhist who Makes 42,000 thousand or more per uear.

    Barack Hussein Obama and his supporters Bullied Hiary Clinton in stepping down when by Rights Electorial votes poppular votes election delagates. Obama had many Super Delaates except the POLAT Bureau (communist system
    About 500 people have more power that over 18,000,000who voted for Hiiary
    Muslim islamic terrorist treat Women poorly in society and supress women Look how they are attacking Sara Palin the Only Govenor on either Tickit
    History Shows Govenors make much better Presidents that Senators.


    In his own workds
    White Mans Greed puts the world in need.

    His pastor comments over 20 years USKKKA
    Chickens come home to roost.
    He even made racial comments toward Hiliary and Bill during the Primaries

    Oh there is Evidence from experts who has reviewed Obamas Book 100 percent Ayers wrote 1 and 95 percent that ayers wrote the second

    Oh did we mention that Dorne Ayers Wif got Michille Obamas Wife her first Job at a Law Firm in Chicago and the whole Bunch lives in the same neighborhood Obama claims oh I heard of him but thought he was rehabilitated when On 911 he is interviewed about 911 and the couple said they wish they did more while OBAMA refuses to wear his Lapel
    Pen to show respect to the victims of 911 and the US and Allies saying he do have to wear a lapel pin with the US flag however after election to the. US Senate after 911 Barack Hussein Obama wore African Ceremony clothing to show respect to Kenya and Narobi respecting their government showing patriotism
    To them and assisting the communist members in their country on our tax payer dollars to be elected

    I ask anyone when you connect the Dots this goes way beyond Party Obama could not pass a top secret security clearance which should make him ineligible to be commander and chief and president.

    Everything here is factual and summarized There many other things our Media is not telling us

    Warrent Buffet who supports Obama because Liberal Democrats Elite look out for Non-working wealthy trust fund
    Purposley put the stock market in the tank to help Obama in the Polls and be elected and to buy cheap when prices were low Did anyone notice How Much Warren Buffet bought while prices were low and an Obama Supporter Warren Buffet can say Boo either way and the Dow can gain or loose over a thousand points in a day and miraculasely gain over 900 after Warrent Buffet Buys Cheap

    Does anybody else see the bigger picture how serious all this is connected to steal our country away

    Pass this on to your friend and if they have any love for our country and citezens all citezens they will vote for McCain-Palin for president

    Thank you

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