Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish’s message

Whether you are an Israeli who supports the IDF’s defense of Israeli civilians and faults Hamas not just for raining 10,000 missiles at Israel over the last 8 years but also for also for booby-trapping civilian homes and forcefully setting rocket launchers in homes of Palestinians who beg them to leave…

…or whether you are a Palestinian who feels the Israeli army indiscriminately attacked and ended up killing 1,000 innocent Palestinians and who feels the source of the conflict is the continuing occupation of Palestine and subjugation of Palestinian people,

…or whether you are an Israeli, Palestinian or international citizen who recognizes the only way out of this conflict is to once and for all achieve a peaceful agreement between two proud peoples and two proud States – Israel and Palestine – to live in peace and respecting the rights of freedom, security, dignity and respect of both sides…

…the words and attitudes of Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish at this moment of devastating loss -where 3 of his daughters were killed by an Israeli mortar attack on their home – should resonate with you.  Let his tragic loss be the end of it, the signal to all Palestinians and Israelis to stand up and say, enough, let’s ensure that this tragedy does not repeat itself again, let’s ensure that we lead our political representatives to achieve a historic compromise, to ensure that nobody sells either side with delusional visions of vanquishing the other side and achieving an absolutist victory over the other, to ensure that outside forces do not use Israelis and Palestinians as pawns in their geopolitical games, to ensure that we build a better future for all the children of the region.

Dr. Izzeldin is a respected medical doctor from Gaza who for years has practiced at the Soroka Hospital in Israel.  He worked with OneVoice out of Gaza for a period, and he always exemplified devotion to peace and humanitarianism.  

[Addendum: Even Prime Minister Olmert shared publicly that he saw this report and he cried at learning of Izzeldin's loss.]

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  1. Dan Koifman said:


    Just sheer horror.

  2. Joan Struck said:

    Dear Daniel,
    It is almost 1.30am here in Israel and I cannot sleep. I am trying to find a way to contact Dr Abuelaish and am searching the net hoping to find a contact number or e-mail.
    I am haunted by the TV images of his overwhelming grief. I cannot sleep and wish to comfort him and tell him, we see him and he is not alone. We feel his pain. Perhaps you can pass this on to him.

    I want to express my sincerest and deepest sympathy to him and his family on the tragic passing of his very precious daughters and niece. I cannot even imagine the awfully pain and anguish that he and his family are going through right now. I am speechless and at a loss for words. I am humbled and distraught that he and all the other victims of war on both sides have to suffer. I would like him to know that, we in our little family, acknowledge and see his pain and suffering and pray the Almighty will comfort him. I feel so helpless and at a loss to adequetly express myself , and to tell him how very sorry we feel.
    May G-d bless him and his family and all the victims of the war, for a quick and fully recovery.
    Joan Struck

  3. Jean said:

    Dear Dr.Izzeldin-Abuelaishs.
    I wish there was something I could do for you. I admire your humanity and I feel deep sympathy for your loss. It makes the fates of countless others tangible for people like me, far away, who cannot begin fathom the desperation of all people of good will who are suffering from this conflict.
    The depth of my derivative sorrow is only eclipsed by the disgust I feel for the conduct of politicians and theologians throughout the world who stand by idle, profit from or even exascerbate the conflict, demonstrating nothing but their moral degradation and perversity.
    I hope you will be able to retain your humanity throughout this ordeal, and manage to remain the beacon of hope I think you must have been for many.
    Be strong. Jean

  4. Jozef Vleeschhouwer said:

    This is a request from Shira Nahari. She learned about Dr Abuelaish’s terrible tragedy, she knows him,
    would like to write to him, but lost his contact data.
    Please, if you would be so kind to send Shira an email address or phone number or snail mail address of dr. Abuelaish?
    Shira’s email: shirtour@yahoo.com
    thanking you in advance
    Josef Vleeschhouwer email:vleeschh@netvision.net.il

  5. Yariv said:

    Dear Dr. Izzeldin-Abuelaish,

    I’m very sorry for your loss. More than words can express.

    Please don’t distance yourself from us (the people). We wish for neighbors like you.



  6. Dr. Simon Barak said:

    Dear Daniel,
    I am looking for Dr. Abuelaish’s email to offer him support in this terrible time for him and his family.
    Could anyone supply it?

    Dr. Simon Barak

  7. Andre said:

    My dear Dr. Izzeldin,
    May peace be our prayer and may we pray that there is only one heaven.
    May sincere condolences

  8. Message to you from Gazan Doctor | 7fatcow.com said:

    [...] <a href=”http://blog.peaceworks.net/2009/01/dr-izzeldin-abuelaishs-message/”> [...]

  9. Tony said:

    It is 5:00 am in Sydney, Australia. Last night ABC Televison screened Dr Abuelaish’s tragic story on its “Foreign Corresponent” program. I found it difficult to sleep. after seeing the program. I was both saddened and angry. Angry as I heard the IDF spokesman justify the shelling of the apartment because there were reports of hostile fire coming from the building – how many times have I heard that excuse. I have followed the conflict for many years and know there are significant numbers of Israelis who are sympathetic to the plight of the Palestinians. I searched the net for Israeli coverage of the Abuelaish tragedy and came across Daniel’s site. I congratulate those who have left a comment expressing their sorrow. Please continue to speak up in the name of peace.

  10. Jackie Byrne said:

    Dear Dr. Izzeldin, please accept much love from people here in Glasgow – you are a beacon of light – bless you and your beautiful daughters



  11. Sheldon Margulies, M.D. said:

    I am a neurologist in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA and have created an educational website for chemistry and biology for middle and high school students. I would like to contribute to the peace efforts of Dr. Abuelaish by offering the chemistry and biology programs to educate Palestinian children online. The programs are at http://www.fascinatingeducation.com.

  12. Lori Kendall said:

    Just a footnote to this terrible tragedy: Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish has begun touring the U.S. and will appear in Oakland, CA on 4/26. It is my fervent prayer that more people here in America will grow to understand how hideous this conflict is. There are no winners, only losers.

    Dr. Abuelaish has courage and grace beyond my ability to understand in continuing to promote peace between Palestinians and Israelis. May the sacrifice of his beloved daughters be the last sacrifice.

  13. Alan Rotnemer said:

    Hello all, I just found this blog vila Google. I actually met Dr. Abuelaish in DC this past week, spoke to him for a few minutes. He is exactly as he appears in the media, says his interest is in saving lives, that is why he is a doctor. Also, although he is non-political, believes that more women should hold high office. He is universal in his message about ending violence – no scapegoating. But he did show pictures of the Jabalia refugee camp in Java – quite heartbreaking. There’s a write-up in the Washington Times about him. I got his business card, his email address is izz_aish@yahoo.com I have his phone numbers, but do not wish to reveal them (email me at arotnemer@yahoo.com if you want them). He’s a wonderful man, I wished him and his children well. He will soon start a foundation in honor of the deceased children.

  14. Luisa said:

    About a month ago I heard this wonderful human being” interview. I was moved to tears.
    Thanks you.

  15. Natasha White said:

    It is a moving, and very sad story indeed. So many of us are touched and deeply moved not only by what our dear ‘Dr Gaza’ has endured, but also by the realisation he has given us of what is really going on in Gaza!

    I am encouraged to see that he was awarded the Olivier d’Or trophy this year (Olive of Gold), by Pax Medicalis, the French organisation. This is a little known yet highly acclaimed trophy which has been awarded in the past to Sister Emmanuel – (the French equivalent of Mother Theresa), and Ellie Wiesel.

    The trophy was sculpted by Anna Chromy, the world-famous artist and sculptress of The Cloak of Conscience, among other works.

    As wise people say, great things happen in small steps. Lets hope and pray that basic human conscience will eventually find a solution for peace in the Middle East.

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