Visualizing a Future of Palestinian-Israeli Peace – and the Arc at its foundation

The OneVoice Movement has been running for the past couple years a program called Imagine 2018, where they are asking Israelis and Palestinians to share their vision of what their lives and future would look like if the conflict were to be resolved and a two state solution achieved.

OneVoice will soon be unveiling its next phase in the project – very promising stuff.

In the meantime, I just got a video from my friends Art Winter and Doug Suisman about their vision. In cooperation with the RAND Foundation, they have worked for several years on a Palestinian infrastructure corridor that includes state-of-the-art planning to enable a Palestinian state to prosper and grow in peace with Israel.  Their work is nothing short of stunning.

Take a look at their teaser video below, and visit their site here:

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  1. Gus said:

    Self hating Jews will be the death of America.

  2. daniel said:

    Why is it that people like “Gus” are threatened by a prosperous Palestinian State as against Israel’s interest? Even Netanyahu agrees that economic and social development for Palestinians is a vital interest for Israelis. The 3-4million Palestinians living next to Israel are not going to disappear. Do you want them to have a stake in their future and in stability, or to be so poor and desperate that they obsess with uprooting their neighbors even if their lives go down the drain with it?

    And why do you have the temerity to write such words without proper attribution? It is so much easier to hide behind false names.

    I am a very proud Jew who loves my people and loves my heritage. I also love humanity and love my neighbors. That is the true essence of Judaism.

  3. Spiros said:

    we all are humans, Yes!I am Algerian, and I know my ctrnouy was under french occupation for 132 years, that doesnt make me hate french people at all. but that doesnt mean we forget completely history or what happened, I know French did massacres in behalf of Algerians and I believe it would be naive to just forget because I want to love them. yes I dont want hatred but I want also justice. I have an Israeli friend btw. but it doesnt make me defend Israel as a state. nor Palestinian either. but I defend the right of people to go back home, to not have their houses destroyed, their kids killed and their mothers and fathers imprisoned. I think love would start by destroying the wall Israel has build .. and none can do that, but You Israeli people!

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