By Sima Kadmon, columnist at Yedioth Ahronoth If anyone feels shame, affront, sadness, frustration and despair today—there is no way to ease these feelings. These are our ministers and MKs. This is our prime minister and his bureau staff, who despite how it looks [to the public], pushed and pushed the disgraceful bill that passed [...]

By Fareed Zakaria, Thursday, Oct. 5, 2017 “He was a sick man, a demented man,” said President Trump, trying to explain the latest mass shooting in the United States. We hear this view expressed routinely, after every new incident. But it is a dodge, a distortion of the facts and a cop-out as to the [...]

Heard from Eli Broad at Forbes 400 today. These are the 3 smart questions that he asks himself before deciding whether to fund a project.

My team jokingly refers to my curiosity and many questions as the ‘Mexican Inquisition.’ Here, Entrepreneur Magazine got to turn the tables and ask me 20 questions.

Super powerful and effective ad by Australia Masterfoods

Loving the content shared in this postcard by my friends at Juice Press.

If you’ve ever wondered what information you’re being fed is based on fact and what’s backed by special interest groups more interested in turning a profit than nourishing your body, you’re in luck. This morning, Daniel Lubetzky, the founder and CEO of KIND Healthy Snacks, announced the launch of Feed the Truth, a first-of-its-kind independent [...]

The organization aims to combat the food industry’s influence on nutritional policy that can be harmful to public health In effort to provide a source of transparency and integrity in the food industry while improving public health, CEO and founder of KIND Snacks Daniel Lubetzky has pledged $25 million toward “Feed the Truth,” an organization [...]