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Captain Fantastic

Published under Introspection Oct 02, 2017

My wife and I recently saw Captain Fantastic. I highly recommend it! It was thought provoking — about parenting, modern society, capitalism, and life in general. Strong, powerful, sad, entertaining and very well done. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a good movie.

Heard from Eli Broad at Forbes 400 today. These are the 3 smart questions that he asks himself before deciding whether to fund a project.

Creative and well executed ad

By STEVE HARTMAN CBS NEWS NEW YORK — This week we saw what a trillion gallons of water can cover. But more importantly, we saw what it can uncover — our potential as a nation. I know it seems like eons ago, but remember what was in the news before this? Remember when nothing was [...]

The 20-something heads of the Centrist Project and the Millennial Action Project say the problems of America run deeper than just the current President. Source: CNN

This is exactly how I feel. From tonight’s #LNSM: Here are @SethMeyers’ remarks about the Charlottesville terror attack. — Late Night (@LateNightSeth) August 15, 2017

Bradley Burston writes, “[F]or three solid days, Netanyahu, who has something to say about just about everything, had nothing whatsoever to say about Charlottesville….And when, at long last, he decided to post something about Charlottesville, he and his staff managed to compose a tweet so mealy-mouthed, that it far surpassed Trump’s outrageous original statement for [...]

Super powerful and effective ad by Australia Masterfoods

By AMY CHOZICK Sara Ehrman, a fixture in liberal politics who advised President Bill Clinton on the Israeli-Arab conflict but was best known as the woman who advised a young Hillary Rodham not to move to Arkansas to marry Mr. Clinton, died Saturday in Washington. She was 98. A family friend, Jodi Enda, said the [...]