A little more PROOF about the radical absolutist expectations of the extremists attacking efforts to end the conflict…

Oct 14, 2007 Published under Middle East, OneVoice Movement

When the "Boycott" campaign against OVP started in earnest a few weeks ago, one of my staff members suggested we just explain to them the OV platform, and provide detailed answers to the many false accusations and mischaracterizations they were making.

I explained I had had discussions with several people from these groups in the past, and that their attacks on our specific positions were just excuses to create misinformation and you could not ultimately reason with them because they are absolutists who support only an all-or-nothing approach – the very philosophy that has lead to so much bloodshed given that there are TWO people destined to live in the Holy Land – Palestinians and Israelis.

These people hide in sheep’s clothes (is that the right expression?) because they know that most Palestinians do NOT agree with their absolutist views. 

They are against negotiations – and were even against Arafat’s efforts.

Here is one example a Palestinian friend just forwarded me from an email chain link on the extremist "Electronic Intifada" criticizing ATFP – ATFP is a great Palestinian group that brings a lot of legitimacy to the Palestinian people and is perhaps the most important Palestinian-American organization responsible for the rehabilitation of Palestinian rights – here is what they say about it (and all other moderate efforts):

[and incidentally, I just found out the guy writing, not surprisingly, does this out of the comfort of his home in San Diego, CA, while the Palestinians in refugee camps suffer because of delusional absolutism; it really is far more frequent that the "revolutionaries" tend to afford to be thousands of miles away from where the people are actually living with the consequences of absolutism]

"Dear Fadi

You  really do show your kindness when you call this an "expose" . It’s important to understand ,and it’s also important for our people and supporters to understand ,that what Asali has been doing since he tapped in the ADC ,and now continues as a head of ATFP ,is a systematic effort by people who are clearly not on the side of our people and cause. It’s not only what they did against Michel Shehadeh,but also what they have done ,and continue to do to bring organizations and individuals to their side .

I will not be telling a secret that the time our cause is going through is probably the worst period it ever faced .We have a duty to our cause and to our people here and everywhere to make sure they see it clearly ,who is with us and who work against us .The coming "Peace conference" and the million voice and other (Harakat Ar3aa) are not the only things we should caution against . We as Arab Palestinians at this critical junction of our struggle ,should not accept anything less than a complete liberation of Palestine ,and a full implementation of our legitimate  right of return to Palestine . This requires taking a stand against the so called PLO factions that are calling themselves realistic and are willing to settle for whatever Abbas and company will bring them back from Washington this fall or after that .And this also require us to take a stand against their supporter here and everywhere-if they have any- and the "independents’ -if there’s such a thing- that are working with Abbass and company on sham "popular conferences" .

You may say that this will split our community.My answer to that is ,our community is clear on the anchors on our struggles ,and is not fooled with slogans that are really good until it sees who is using these slogans ,and it becomes clear that all of this noise is nothing but a maneuver that will attract Abbass’ ( and company off course)attention so he may offer some "fettat " to  them in a way of representation in this or that council or that body. Our people and community are eager to see people stand solid in support of our anchors and against these "adulteresses who are gambling with our cause for a shameful personal gains , and expect of us nothing less than that ,especially when all the (dogs)  are showing their teeth and are ganging up against us.

Fadi Saba <fasaba@yahoo.com> wrote:

This is an expose’ of the American Task Force for Palestine is headed by Ziad Asali.  Under his leadership (or lack of it), the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) fired Mr. Michel Shehadeh as its Western Regional Director.  At the very same time, Shehadeh was fighting deportation by the US because of his political views, and not that he has ever done anything harmful.  He is still fighting this case, which began in 1987.

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  1. jp said:

    How does this prove anything? Yousef is right. Abbas is a puppet and a despot who has appointed an unelected government and continues to embargo and starve more than a million and a half of his own people in Gaza. Even Gideon Levy in Ha’aretz can see that (www.haaretz.com/hasen/objects/pages/PrintArticleEn.jhtml?itemNo=906199). Who the hell are you Lubetzky?

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