To You…

Oct 14, 2007 Published under Middle East, Mideast Negotiations, OneVoice Movement

To the 600,000 Israeli, Palestinian and international citizens who affirmed our principles,

To the tens of thousands who committed to join us on October 18th,

To the grassroots volunteers and recruiters that invested themselves for months in the heat of the summer signing up people on the streets to sign the OneVoice Mandate and join us for the One Million Voices Summit,

To the hundreds of OV youth leaders across both Israel and Palestine that have shown such courage and been such steadfast ambassadors,

To the international artists, musicians and celebrities that selflessly and with no compensation agreed to fly thousands of miles away to help our cause,

To the many strategic partners and organizations that dared to believe this is a fight worth fighting,

To the 60+ Dignitaries, Honorary Co-Chairs and Board Members who inspire us, who believe in us, and who take so much time to guide us,

To the scores of contributors and donors who have invested in our mission and been such incredible mentors and solid partners,

To the outstanding team of producers and partners in this undertaking who every step of the way showed integrity, resoluteness, conviction and exemplary professionalism and loyalty,

To the thousands of friends who care and who worry, and who have been there every step of the way, during our many victories as well as during our setbacks,

To my company’s partners and amazing staff, who endured and tolerated and understood all of my unavailability over the last year and months and encouraged and enabled me to take this journey through their success and hard work,

To my fiancé and to my Mom and family, who have shown such love and understanding and concern,

To those who care and who believe and who spread our word,

And above all, to my team, across Gaza, Ramallah, Tel Aviv, London, New York City and Ottawa, who have exceeded beyond belief all of my already high expectations and demands, who have risked so much, who have worked so hard, and who have shown that we have assembled an outstanding army of conviction and purity of purpose,

To all of you, I thank.  We all thank you for your partnership and hard work.

To all of you, I acknowledge the pain of this setback in Jericho, and of the serious challenges threats and intimidation that a dozen+ Palestinian dignitaries on our Board are working to overcome there.

To all of you, I trust you will understand our decision to postpone the Tel Aviv event out of principle.

To all of you, let’s remember that we are doing what we are doing not to score goals, not to have fun or entertainment, but to help the moderates on BOTH sides seize back the agenda and show their support towards their Heads of State.

To those we disappointed with this delay, please remember that the movement has never been stronger, while forces of violent absolutism are being exposed and will be marginalized.

To all of you, remember we have surpassed six hundred thousand signatories (actually far more than that because we have about 25,000 new signatories from the last couple weeks we have not tallied up yet!). 

To all of you, bear in mind that already now this is the biggest movement in the history of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, the first time that such broad numbers are all speaking as OneVoice on the core demand for immediate uninterrupted negotiations till the conclusion of an agreement no later than Oct 18 2008.

To all of you, remember we have to reach ONE MILLION CITIZENS and not stop till we attain the critical mass necessary to turn the tide for conflict resolution.

To all of you, remember this is not a sprint but a marathon and the campaign itself has one more year to go!

To all of you, I request you visit on October 18th 2007 at 7pm Jerusalem time – and ask others to join you.

To all of you, for the sake of future generations, we must prevail and end this conflict once and for all.

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