Groups Opposing Annapolis…

Nov 26, 2007 Published under Gaza, Iran, Middle East, Mideast Negotiations, OneVoice Movement

It is instructive to take a look at the groups opposing the efforts to negotiate an end to the conflict through negotiations among Israelis and Palestinians….

These primarily include:

Ayatollah in Iran: Says Annapolis "Doomed To Failure"

Hamas in Gaza: Sponsors Anti-Annapolis Meeting and Slams Arab Countries for Participating, Condemns Abbas and Arab Leaders

Right-Wing Jews in Israel Who Urge the Construction of More Settlements in the West Bank and who organized a special prayer at the Western Wall for "the failure of Annapolis"

An Unholy alliance?

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  1. Tony Coren said:

    Is a sad fact that many so-called “progressives” on the broad and far left of British politics oppose the two-state solution, and seek the dissolution of the Jewish state into a singular secular Palestine where Jews would be a minority. This POV is being increasingly voiced among respectable circles on the grounds that Israel is a historical injustice, a racist colonialist “apartheid” construct, and theft of indigenous Palestinian land by “alien” European and American Jews; a view shared and promulgated by a relatively small but increasingly vocal number of Jewish anti-Zionist academics and public figures – whose access to the media and subsequent influence – is out of all proportion to their numbers and to the validity of their views

  2. Rayya Ghul said:

    There are many of us who are anti-Zionist, who *know* that Palestinian land was stolen by alien European and American jews with the collusion of the British government and yet want peace so much that we are willing to go for a two-state solution with peaceful co-existence. Your comment suggests that those who hold these views must necessarily support the dissolution of the state of Israel – or that such views are somehow irrational. While we can disagree on historical ‘facts’ the true miracle of peacemaking is being able to agree on the future despite differences of opinion about the past.

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