Yes We Can

Feb 04, 2008 Published under Leadership, United States

If anyone has doubts about Obama’s vision for America and the world, and the potential to rally in the disenfranchised and involve the apathetic, check this out: (inspiring, with the exception of the overused and empty "we want change" line)

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  1. Steve said:

    America will be crippled for the next four years, but Israel might indeed be destroyed.

    So be it. You brought it upon yourselves.

  2. Steve said:

    For too long we have had a foreign policy that practically treated Israel like they are an American State. Well you are not. We should have never tied our national interests to yours so closely. You are a foreign country. Not America, regardless of how much you might control us.

    But during the next four years we will be more like your enemy than your friend. You will be destroyed no doubt.

    Can’t say I feel that sorry. You brought it upon yourselves by using your friends in America and your dual citizenships in America to vote for destructive leaders. Not to mention the people you elected to run your country.

    Indeed America will be crippled. We will feel pain but Israel just quite likely not exist in four years.

  3. Steve said:

    Yeah, you might have the bomb, but if America says don’t use it or we will bomb you, then are your leaders going to use it?

    You will be forced to take down that wall of yours and Palestinians are going to run into the streets of your city. Chaos will ensure. Civil Society will break down.

    And once they have overwhelmed your country you can’t really nuke yourself can you? And when the Palestinians come marching on your capital sure you can shoot them and shoot them and shoot them but eventually you will run out of bullets and the Palestinians will hang your leaders.

    And then they will go on a rampage raping and killing your children. “Never Again”. What Bullshit.

  4. Steve said:

    But on the bright side what happens to you will be a source of some great literature and movies for years to come.

  5. Steve said:

    Of course before the end, all your political and business leaders, etc will leave the country.

    Leaving those who can’t get out of Israel to their fate.

    Yeah, some very touching literature will be written about all that.

  6. - A Challenge | Daniel Lubetzky said:

    [...] reader recently posted some very angry remarks relishing Armageddon for Israel and/from the Palestinian people…and talking about a rampage and killing and raping of [...]

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